The BA Basics*

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing detail after detail about our program from us personally, here is a short rundown of what we are going to be doing in Argentina for the next 6 months:

Hopefully not like this, though.

– We will be meeting up at the Miami Airport so we can take the 9 hour flight to Buenos Aires together! Expect supremely attractive pictures of us sleeping in awkward positions.

– The actual semester at the University of Belgrano does not begin until mid-March, so throughout February we will be taking an intensive Spanish language prep course which meets Monday-Friday, 25 hours per week.

– CEA will take us on some excursions during our stay! You can expect to see us exploring the delta town of Tigre, trekking through San Rafael in western Argentina’s Mendoza Province, and getting soaked at Iguazu Falls.

– We’ll be staying in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is the city’s largest barrio and is known for its fashionable shopping and dining areas as well as for its many parks. Obviously, living there will make us trendier than ever.

Due to recent requests, you can also look forward to a Picture of the Day and Music Video Mondays! These gems will be further explained when it is about argen-time, of course 😉

-Abi, Alexa, & Maddy

*WARNING: alliterative titles using “BA” will be used often. Learn to love it.

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