Going Away Present

How is it that I’ve been sitting at home for six weeks with absolutely normal & bearable Chicago winter weather, but the day before leaving for this trip, we get one of the top five blizzards in the city’s history?

"Hmm.. Maybe this will keep her home forever!"

Everyone join me in keeping my fingers crossed that Maddy (who’s meeting me at the O’Hare Airport) & I make it out of Illinois without having to snowshoe out on the runway & shovel it ourselves! I think I’ll go throw a pair of long undies in my carry-on bag.



3 thoughts on “Going Away Present

  1. Argh!!! I hope that the blizzard goes away early enough so you guys can fly to Argentina! One needs some little hurtles to appreciate how awesome the adventure is! 🙂

    All the best Alexa!

  2. I want to wish you a comfortable safe smooth day of travel. I know Abi is anxious to meet up with you in miami to begin your adventures in BA. From Abi’s mom

  3. Hope you and Maddy made it safely to BA. After all the hassle and uncertainty you guys actually made the original flight and you even had some time to visit your Aunt Carol! Blog soon!

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