Weather Adventures

The weather in Chicago decided to cause problems for us because that’s how lucky we are. Our (Alexa and I) flight from O’hare to Miami was cancelled more than 24 hrs. in advance. I called to rebook, but got a crabby agent that decided to be as unhelpful as possible and I ended up booked on O’hare to JFK to BA, putting me on a different flight than Alexa and Abi into BA. Alexa called after me and magically got into Miami, so I called back and finally got someone helpful, so now I am going O’hare to Houston to Miami to BA (the same Miami-BA flight I was on before with the others). In celebration of the ever helpful Mother Nature, I decided to venture into my yard. Though not nearly as bad as Chicago, Madison certainly got its fair share of snow:

UPDATE: Upon checking in I was able to switch to a direct O’hare to Miami flight – a good thing since Houston is now facing winter weather!


2 thoughts on “Weather Adventures

  1. I want to wish you a comfortable safe smooth day of travel. I know abi is anxious to meet up with you in miami to begin your adventures in BA. From abis mom Jeanne

  2. I don’t know Maddy- looks like you have as much as we do. Just we have
    a lot more drifting- makes it even more fun!!!
    I’m glad you two could hook up for the BA flight. I hope you all
    have a great adventure in Argentina. And, you never see a snowflake.
    Alex’s Dad

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