This Is Why I Hate Flying

While Maddy and Alexa are sitting in the sunny, tropical Miami Airport, I am back at home. Why, you ask? Because American Airlines sucks.

My flight from Pittsburgh to Miami was delayed multiple times and eventually cancelled. I originally thought (while we were still just delayed) that by some miracle I would make it to Miami in time for my 11PM flight to BA. But alas, no. It didn’t happen. Instead, they just didn’t let me go to Miami at all. Here’s what happened:

There I was, sitting at gate D88, reading my magazines and playing on the free wifi, when, all of the sudden, the loudspeaker lets us all know that our plane should be coming in from JFK. However,  it doesn’t have a First Officer so they can’t leave JFK until some pilot guy flies into New York from some unknown city, gets to JFK, and then they will come to Pittsburgh. We waited for this guy for hours, and eventually American Airlines didn’t want to wait anymore so they decided to cancel the flight. Thanks.

So, I’m back at home for the night. I have a new flight to Dallas tomorrow, then to Miami, and then to BA tomorrow night. I’ll get to BA Saturday morning, which is fine, except I am no longer eligible for airport pick-up from CEA. So, the adventure will continue as I attempt to exchange money, navigate my way through a foreign airport, and tell the taxi driver where exactly I am living (even though I don’t even really know).

I hope Alexa and Maddy have a stress-free flight to BA in a few hours! (and they better enjoy that empty seat that is now next to them.)

Wish me luck,


UPDATE: I just talked to my program director in BA and they are sending me a private car to pick me up! Yay, I feel important!


3 thoughts on “This Is Why I Hate Flying

  1. Serás biennnnn, chiquita 🙂
    Tengo que decirte.. nuestra casa es BUENISIMA. Doña Eldita es como nuestra abuelita y es TAN simpática y linda! VENGA ACA AHORA. El verano te está esperando!

  2. Desafortunadamente, no tuvimos un asiento abierto porque el avión fue completamente llena…

    Pero nos vemos mañana, y espero que todo esté bien 🙂

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