We Made It!!!

After a whirlwind of cancelled/delayed flights, scary customs officers, & lots of hours being awake, WE HAVE ARRIVED. The place we’re staying, Residencia Eldita’s, is possibly the most adorable house ever. I mean, 1) it’s pink. Who couldn’t love that? 2) It’s actually a house. We kind of live in a huge, 14-person homestay. 3) Doña Eldita is the most adorable little Argentine adoptive mom we could ask for. Her cooking is to die for & she’s definitely helping (read: forcing) everyone to improve their Spanish. 4) We have a dog named Dantón! He’s Pamela’s (one of the program coordinators) dog & Pamela is also Doña Eldita’s daughter, so we have one big happy family! It feels like we’ve been here way longer than one day already.

The pink house!

-Abi, Alexa, and Maddy


2 thoughts on “We Made It!!!

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