The Paris of South America (& MVM I)

Today was the first day of school. Yes, our 6-week vacation actually came to an end, & we had to use our brains. The house split up between the University of Belgrano campus and CEA’s Global Campus; us Belgrano students took the subte to Belgrano, filled out some forms, took our Spanish placement test, & then waited around for about three hours while the tests got graded. Abi’s taking the Intermediate class while Maddy & I try to hold our own in the Advanced class.

After we grabbed lunch in the food court at a nice mall down the street, Pamela took us on a tour of “Belgrano”. By “Belgrano” she meant a walk around about two blocks, but it included all of the pretty houses we’re about to show you! Even though it was a short walk around, we stopped & Pamela gave us a lot of historical background (excerpt regarding Juan Perón’s 3rd wife: “I’ll be straight with you.. she was a prostitute.”) that made everyone appreciate everything around us. Since the Argentine economic crisis in 2001, all of the big gorgeous houses are being torn down. Thankfully some of them have been turned into national embassies. As we walked towards the block, Pamela told us to forget that we were in Argentina because a lot of the architecture is distinctly European. See for yourself:

This is monumental documentation of our first bus ride. It took a half hour explanation/pep talk from Pamela plus significant time looking at several maps to get us on & off successfully.

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for (especially if your name is Wes Davis). IT’S THE FIRST MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY! This isn’t crazy club music or anything, but it’s pretty fun to nod your head to 🙂

-Alexa, Abi, and Maddy

2 thoughts on “The Paris of South America (& MVM I)

  1. The architecture is amazing! Looks very cool. The advanced class huh? Wow, I am impressed. Also impressive: you reading a map and finding your way around a new city! Bravo kiddo! Love the music video, I am sure Wes feels very special that you are fulfilling his request and mentioning him on your blog. Keep it up, the blog is great.
    By the way, I don’t think your email alert thing is working, I haven’t received any alerts and neither have some other people I have talked to.
    Alexa’s mom

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