Bucket List Failure #1

I figured that I’d hold off on sharing this story until I righted myself. Remember how I was going to figure out how to get around the city, use public transportation, and not end up in the exact opposite direction of where I’m supposed to be? My first semi-solo attempt wasn’t exactly successful.

We started our real classes yesterday, so everyone who’s going to Belgrano has a designated time to show up. One other girl in the house, Natalie, and I had to be there by 10am, so I figured we’d leave by 9 to be safe. At about 8:50 I still hadn’t seen her around, so I went on a room search.. and found her dead asleep. After all of THAT got figured out, we left by about 9:25; I had my maps out, my Guía T (bus schedule bible), & a positive attitude! Just as a backup, I even asked the bus driver if he was going to Belgrano!

Potential Life Ruiner

Direct quote from this man after my inquiry: “Sí.” So imagine mine & Natalie’s surprise when about 15 minutes later we drove past the A line of the subte, which is in the OPPOSITE direction of where we needed to be. (Parents: Take a breath. I survived.) If you’re a fan of Google Maps, take a little look-see at the distance between los barrios Boedo and Belgrano. Thank goodness for the saint-like taxi driver that took us to school. We were only half an hour late. Great first impression, huh?


Maybe I’ll add some map studying time onto my Spanish homework time.

– Alexa


3 thoughts on “Bucket List Failure #1

  1. I’m not too surprised. The tale still made me smile and giggle. maybe I need to send that bicycle to you ? So, what do you think the bike would cost ????
    I don’t wanna know !! I just arrived at my hotel in Austin,TX Here I am 800 plus miles south of home and it’s still about 20 degrees and windy.
    Well at least there isn’t snow. Keep the faith kiddo.

  2. I am laughing so hard I cannot comment. Your Grandma Bib is rolling her eyes and shaking her head trying to figure out HOW you could be HER grandchild!

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