Important Lessons and Helpful Friends

Important Lesson 1: Figure out what you are eating, BEFORE you finish half the plate.

Yesterday’s dinner consisted of mashed potatoes (super delicious) and milagnese, which is some kind of meat. Consequently, I instead got mashed potatoes and some unidentified vegetable in tomato sauce with mozzarella. At first glance, I was nervous because it looked like mushrooms, of which I am definitely not a fan. After working up my courage, I finally took a bite; it was salty, but didn’t taste that much like anything else, so I continued slowly consuming the strange veg. When I had finished about half of my portion, Elda brought out some for the others and someone asked what it was; she returned with the large, oblong, purple vegetable that we call eggplant. I immediately froze, realizing that both my mom and sister are allergic, and thus I likely was as well. My sister has had to go to the ER for it before, while my mother told me she generally just feels like she needs to clear her throat a lot. Friend and housemate Tori interrupted my silent freak-out to ask what was wrong and when I told her she helpfully responded, “It’s okay, I know where the closest hospital is.” I admit that this was not as comforting as likely intended, but I appreciated the thought nonetheless. After a bit, I noticed that my reaction was much like my mother’s, and luckily no hospital visit was required. Crisis averted, and I even felt well enough to partake in bananas with dulce de leche for dessert. Though I believe eggplant is the only food where I would face that particular issue, it is probably still a good idea to ask before eating.

Also discovered last night was the fact that past a certain channel on the television, almost all the rest are in English with Spanish subtitles. Luckily “Wife Swap” was dubbed in Spanish, so it was infinitely more entertaining. Equally as lucky, “Shakespeare in Love” went for the subtitles. I’m not sure that you can really translate old English into Spanish without sounding like a complete fool.

– Maddy

P.S. Don’t worry mom, I restrained myself from getting one of the super adorable free kittens in the pet store window. Unfortunately the stop to get the bus to UB (school – Universidad de Belgrano) is directly in front of that, and I don’t know how long this newfound restraint will last, especially since there were little puppies as well.


3 thoughts on “Important Lessons and Helpful Friends

  1. Aaaack! No “free” kittens. Also, it would be good to figure out the Spanish word for eggplant so you can ask. Eggplant is like the elastic food that can be disguised as many things, kind of like tofu. Tomato sauce does a particularly good job at that. Elli got nabbed by someone else’s Italian leftovers. Love, Mom

  2. Hi Maddy,

    Hope you are having a great time. My Dan is now thinking about a ski vacation in Chile this summer. Any words of advice?

    One of my quilting friends just came back from S. Am. tour. Said it was expensive?

    Much love,

    Uncle D

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