Power Cut

Yesterday after everyone had gone to class (or not gone to class if they weren’t in the intensive Spanish course) & done some shopping, we were all hanging around the house waiting for dinner when, out of nowhere, all of the power shut off. Elda came out of the kitchen, lighter in hand, yelling “typical Argentine!”. Our housemate, Melody (who has a lot of family in Argentina & came 6 weeks early to visit them), explained that because the energy supply gets used up so quickly in BA, the government will randomly cut the lights to a few square blocks for an indeterminate amount of time – it could be a few hours or a few days.

We opened all the doors & windows to take advantage of the nearby street lights & started lighting candles all over the house. Elda finished heating up the empanadas by candlelight, & dinner went on as usual. I commented on how romantic our candlelit dinner would be, and she explained that her & Pamela have dinner by candlelight all the time for exactly that reason! I’m sorry to say we were too distracted by our lack of electricity to remember to use other technology to take pictures of the house all aglow.

There was some intense bonding time while playing with candle wax after dinner, but it got interrupted when the lights came back on. Fortunately, that meant that everyone could get ready for our first real weekend’s festivities! Having classes during the week sure makes you appreciate when you don’t have to get up early the next day. I guess I forgot about that in the last two months! I went with five other girls from the house to a gay bar called Amerika. It wasn’t as gay (if I can use that as an adjective) as you might expect from one in the US, but it was still pretty fabulous! Can’t say I appreciated going to bed while the sun was showing its face, but it was all in good Argentine fun.

– Alexa


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