For the Love of Shakira

As some of you may know, Shakira will be in Buenos Aires on March 5th. This clearly excited me since there’s nothing cooler than seeing Shakira in Latin America. What would make it EVEN cooler would be if it were not quite so difficult to get tickets. On Friday, Melanie had gone to the Hard Rock Cafe in Recoleta to buy hers (there are specific places to buy them), but had to pay an additional 30 pesos to buy them there. On Sunday, Lianna discovered somewhere to buy them online, but we soon discovered that the website was complicated and decided to wait.

Today after school I was finally going to buy my Shakira ticket – Tori had the address and she was going to come with; when I met up with her, she said she was pretty tired so I got the address and headed off on my own. I walked about 4 blocks to come upon a large main street that was also the address of the location to buy tickets. I soon got on the right side of the street and going the right direction, while also discovering that I had about 10 long blocks to walk (based on the numbering). I was fine with this since it was a nice day, but when I finally came to the right area, I could not find the place. I decided to keep walking, unsure of whether or not I was correctly remembering the address, but soon decided I would just hop on the subway at the next stop. Unfortunately, the next stop was another 10 or so blocks away. I got on and headed to the stop closest to our house, which of course happens to still be about 13 blocks away.

Overall, this day probably doesn’t seem that bad, just a lot of walking, but that is not considering the fact that I did not put on sunscreen in the morning, twisted my ankle before leaving school, and STILL did not manage to get my Shakira ticket!!!

A poster for Shakira in the Pop Tour!

Of course, I then got home and found out that even if I turn out to be a lobster, I did not have the worst Monday of the group. One person discovered that the laundromat where he dropped off his clothes will be closed for about a week, then broke the zipper of his backpack. Someone else was sitting at the park when some young kid ran by and stole her backpack. She chased after him, but he was quite fast, and so along with her iPod and some money, she also lost the journal where she has been recording her memories from the past three weeks.

Apparently either Mondays or Valentine’s Day has it out for our house. I’m tempted to stay in tonight, simply to hopefully avoid any more misfortune.

An unfortunate lesson learned today is that solo adventures do not always have happy, magical endings 😦

– Maddy


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