The Biggest Antique Store in the World

Yesterday we had to follow the suggestions of basically everyone who has ever told us where to go around BA along with almost every guidebook you can find in print and/or online: we made the trek to the market in San Telmo.

The stands go on forever!

Despite it being approximately 1,002˚, it was a gorgeous sunny day, & there were tons of people walking around looking at all of the stands with antique cameras, seltzer water bottles, jewelry, & scarves. Ironically the first people we talked to were an American couple who had studied in BA in the past & were back “indefinitely” running a lemonade stand. We were their second customers of the day!

None of us were on a mission to buy anything, so we just wandered around going in & out of shops & other nooks on the side of the streets lined with vendors’ carts.

It's all about the tango.

Aren't they adorable?!

Inside a record store called Eureka!

And here is a little video of some street drummers who only wanted our money…

OBVIOUSLY it’s Music Video Monday, too! Here’s a song we went over in class. We were supposed to write down all the lyrics to the song, but even after listening to it two times through, you can see why that might have been a difficult task.

-Alexa, Abi, and Maddy


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