Beautiful Barrios

I am the kind of person who could walk up and down streets and look at buildings all day, so that is why I am continually fascinated with the style and design of the city. It’s slightly unfortunate that since the US is a fairly young country there isn’t the same personality and character in every neighborhood like there is here. Don’t get me wrong, obviously the US has some pretty awesome architecture but I just don’t happen to be surrounded by it like I am here. For example, in Pittsburgh we are blessed with some beautifully modern buildings, and some historic cathedrals, but we are also stuck staring at Litchfield Towers every time we walk to class. It may just be my personal taste, but those towers are kind of hideous…AND they are huge.

What I’m trying to say is, I am not taking for granted all of the amazing barrios in Buenos Aires with their beautiful and historic architecture that surrounds me when I take the bus home from school or walk to the grocery store around the corner.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Barrios

    • barrio = neighborhood
      I agree, though: nice work, Abi! I’ll make up for slacking off yesterday with some awesome Plaza de Mayo pics 😀

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