Family History

Today Maddy & I met Pamela & some of the other kids in our program to watch the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo march while we learned about their history. Afterwards, we let it all soak in over coffee & churros in the famous Cafe Tortoni a few blocks away. I fully planned on writing all about that experience, & I will, but we just got done learning the history of a specific mother that has a special place in our hearts.

Elda sat us down at the main dining table after dinner so that we could play a vocabulary game she made for us to remember the Spanish words for things around the house. Before we could begin, she told us that we were going to talk about our families & our backgrounds one at a time, starting with hers. Besides getting an extra two hours of Spanish listening practice in today, we were told the most amazing story about all that Elda has given up for her children & how grateful she is that we are now an extension of her family. I don’t think we could have ended up in a better place in this whole gigantic city thousands of miles from home. We’ve hardly been in Argentina for two weeks, yet we’ve all acquired our own Argentine grandmother who would do anything to make us happy & show us how much we’re loved. I apologize for the sappy lines, but it’s all I can really express when I get a reminder of how incredible people can be.

In other news, here’s a preview of what comes mañana!

– Alexa

4 thoughts on “Family History

  1. Sounds like an experience that money alone cannot buy. You are indeed
    blessed again. I hope one day I may be able to meet Elda and thank her for her mothering of my prized daughter.
    But on another note, maybe the procurement of the Spanish language
    lays detriment to ones mother tongue. ” we just got done learning….” ??
    I think you can do better than that !!!
    Keep up the good work my sweet. You girls’ blog is Gold !!!

  2. Knowing that you have such a wonderful ‘grandma’ to watch over you while you are there brings a tear to my eye but a song to my heart! You are so very lucky to have this wonderful experience, which I believe you already realize! I am glad you are meeting such special people and make sure you tell Elda that I so appreciate her mothering my only daughter while I can’t!

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