Marco? Polo!

SORRY we didn’t post a picture of the day yesterday; we had only the best intentions, but didn’t manage to fit in any photo uploading between the gelatería and the park (where they were shooting a commercial!). To make up for that failure, we made sure to experience something new today to share with everyone.

Alexa and I hit the gym this morning, before returning and getting ready to walk around. We headed one street over to shop, taking note that there were a lot of stores specifically dedicated to guys – definitely not something you normally see in the States. We meandered up, heading into any stores that caught our eye, before taking a side street in order to find some food. It was clear we were on a rather upscale street since the prices at the stores, and even the cafés, were clearly higher – after all, if you have to get buzzed into a store or if you see a security guard immediately inside the door, the prices are probably going to be a little steep. Finally we stopped at a panadería and picked up some sandwiches for reasonable prices.

After lunch we headed back to the main street since we are, after all, poor college students, and shopped for a while longer before returning in order to get ready for a polo match! We were told that these events were always pretty fancy, so we got all gussied up and hopped in some taxis. Upon arriving it was clear that dresses and makeup were not really necessary, but we didn’t end up sticking out that much.

Entrance to the polo field.

The polo field with its city backdrop!

Of course Alexa and I were in a different taxi than Abi, so while she got dropped off right at the gate, we were dropped off on one side. We ended up walking the wrong way, so we covered about 10 to 15 blocks before finally reaching the entrance. The game itself was relaxing, though I can’t say I find polo a particularly exciting sport. After the game we left the stadium only to find a plethora of free things! We first stumbled upon the free Freddo ice cream (a full bowl with up to two flavors), before finding the stand with free champagne. There were several other booths with free things from various sponsors. We think that this whole after party event may have been because the game was some kind of final game, but no one is really sure. We also managed to talk with some of the players (from the losing team), but then they got pulled away to go on stage.

During the game.

Our new polo friends!

When we had had enough free things and socializing we headed home for Elda’s Saturday pizza night. Luckily, we enjoyed our sunny day responsibly and all avoided any sunburn.

– Maddy


3 thoughts on “Marco? Polo!

  1. You can check out the description of the competition at the Argentine Polo Association web site: This was the second stage of a series. That may explain the free items. Are you becoming polo groupies?Michael, Maddy’s dad

  2. Love the pictures. If your friend loves architecture and buildings , she should go to visit a church if they have any old ones. Must be nice to wear shorts!!! Do you read the newspapers? That might be interesting too.

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