Alternative Education

We have our final exams coming up at the end of this week. If you’re still in college, or remember what that’s like, it’s no fun. Some other girls in the house skipped class today because we’re allowed to miss two days without being penalized. It was a tempting idea, but I decided to see if today’s class would be helpful, so I dragged myself out of the house & onto the colectivo to Belgrano.

Part of my homework for today was to have an article to talk about & analyze in class, so I stopped at a kiosk on the way to the bus stop & picked up my first issue of Clarín. It turns out that class was destined to be extremely grammar-heavy, tedious, & therefore kind of dull; I realized it was time to take a break after I had been choosing to read my newspaper instead of excitedly filling in the blank spaces of my workbook with various prepositions. When we took our lunch break, I packed up my stuff, & left UB for the day.

Based off of the handy-dandy map that CEA gave us at our first orientation, I discovered that there is a lovely little park area just a few blocks down Avenida Luis María Campos called Plaza Barrancas del Belgrano. With this new knowledge, I bought myself some lunch & walked on over to my alternative classroom. Besides the five seconds where I thought a group of three girls was going to jump me while I was sitting in the grass, innocently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, it was a lovely couple of hours & definitely cleared my head of all the Spanish grammar rules that were bouncing around in there.

– Alexa


4 thoughts on “Alternative Education

    • Finals for the intensive Spanish class! Haha don’t worry, the Pitt schedule is still WAY ahead of me. We start the actual semester classes on March 14th.

  1. Yeah- I was wondering about that too. Finals after one month.
    And your “Spring break” coming up ??? Patagonia anyone ???

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