Rose Gardens

While Maddy was collecting her parents from the airport, the two of us decided to head out to Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Forests) for the day. We took a bus that we thought would drop us off just a few streets away from the park, leaving us with a lot of time to read and enjoy the outdoors; however, the bus we took led us to the opposite end of the huge park. After about an hour of walking along the edge of a golf course and talking about life (and not really knowing where we were going), we made it to one of the many lakes in the park! And even better, we happened to stumble upon El Rosedal, the beautiful rose gardens we have heard about. We found a perfect spot on the edge of the lake, sat down, and relaxed….until we were harassed by the resident duck population and then kicked out by some guard who told us we couldn’t sit on the grass. Even so, it was an all-around beautiful day!

View from our lakeside spot


The resident duck population


The rose gardens


-Abi and Alexa


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