Shakira should do tango.

After a 130 peso cab ride and an hour of waiting, I was finally able to collect my parents from the airport Saturday morning. When we got to Palermo we went to a café that I had been wanting to try and I showed them around a bit, before leaving them at the hotel so that I could return home to get ready for Shakira. The event (The Pop Festival) started at 4:00 pm, but Ziggy Marley wasn’t going until 7:00 pm and Shakira was on at 9:00 pm. When we had finally gotten together everyone that was going, we hopped in taxis and headed to Puerto Madero for the concert, arriving around 6:30 pm.

Pop Festival!

The energy heading in was crazy and everyone (including us) was posing for pics by the numerous Shakira posters. We made our way into the area (it was an outdoor concert) and listened to a few guys before we started to weave through the crowd in preparation for Ziggy. He was really good, but it seemed as though we were some of the only ones singing along, though others did join in the swaying. After he finished, there should have only been a 20 minute wait for Shakira, but she didn’t end up coming on until about an hour later. When she did come out, everyone went crazy – after all, it’s Shakira we’re talking about here. She proved to be an AMAZING performer – if you have the chance, see her live – and did some of her most popular numbers, including Loca. There was an encore, of course, where she luckily did the Waka Waka song, which is one of my favorites! Leaving the concert, there was still a definite energy, but everyone needed some food, so as soon as we escaped the mass of people exiting we ordered from a random parrilla stand; I got some extra tasty French fries and a coke zero – classy dinner, I say.

This morning, my parents and I headed to Recoleta and after lunch made our way to the cemetery (luckily it had stopped raining). I became best friends with more cats, and saw more cool tombs and extra creepy parts.

New best friend!

There's a hole, yikes!

It was a good day, despite the heat, but the best part by far was the tango show. Pamela had made reservations for us at Esquina Carlos Gardel, which included ride there and back, 3-course dinner, and the show. The driver was prompt and the dinner was delicious. I had a corn soup with thyme, pasta with pesto, and chocolate mousse (sounds basic, but was quite fancy). The show started not long after dinner, and I think my mouth was hanging open almost the entire time; it helps that I love tango, but the dances and songs were great nonetheless. Afterwards we left and found our driver (he had my name on a sign), who quickly agreed to drop us off at two different locations when I asked, since I was not super keen on walking back in my heels. So, tango shows are expensive, yes, but they’re worth it.

– Maddy

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