Tigre Tiger Tiger Tigre

Since my parents are visiting this week, we decided to get out of the city for a day and head to Tigre, a small delta town north of the city. We caught the train at Retiro station bright and early on Tuesday morning and arrived in the heart of the little town about an hour later. We found our way to the catamaran boat station and signed up for a 2-hour boat tour of the canals that run throughout Tigre. While we waited for our tour to begin, we explored the town a little bit, passing by the amusement park and the old fruit port (which is now a shopping center-go figure.)

The rest of our afternoon was spent on the catamaran, slowly moving along the coast of the canals, passing by homes, restaurants, shipwrecks, and spas. Everyone was out enjoying the last day of their long vacation by riding along in speedboats, sitting on the beaches, or participating in various water sports. The highlight of the boat tour was watching how the kids of the islands entertained themselves. You can see some of their fun (sometimes at our expense) and some other Tigre scenery in the video below!

We caught a glimpse of the city!

Our CEA group is going to visit Tigre again in a few months so stay tuned for some more Tigre fun!

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