A Gallop from the City

When my parents arrived and asked what I wanted to do with them, I had one thing to tell them: “I want to go horseback riding.” In order to fulfill that particular wish, my dad did some research and booked us three spots on a day trip to an estancia. In choosing the estancia, we looked at the itineraries for number of hours on the horses, and decided that a staged gaucho show was not really a priority. The estancia that best fit our criteria was Los Dos Hermanos, about an hour and a half outside the city.

Friday morning we were picked up at my parents’ hotel promptly at 9:15 am, and taken to the estancia. We were immediately offered a variety of beverages and got a chance to sit down and get to know the others in our little group. We chatted with two Canadians for a while before starting on pastries when the others (6 French people) arrived.

Once we were all settled, we were fitted for chaps and helmets and headed for the horses; mine was a lovely whitish one, whose name I kept forgetting to ask. We rode through the fields for a little over an hour, spotting four burrowing owls as well as a water buffalo.

Some of the burrowing owls!

Water buffalo!!!

Lunch was served shortly after our return and was your typical asado; though I clearly couldn’t partake in the meat part of it, I’m told it was very good. I enjoyed cheese, three types of salad, and bread. There was also a variety of drinks and dessert. Before the second ride on the horses, there was about an hour break, where most (including me) took the opportunity to hit the pool and cool down a bit. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I would definitely have stayed if I weren’t so set on another time on the horse. The group elected the slightly longer ride, so we made a large circle, seeing new parts of the area and enjoying more opportunities to go fast. One person did fall off their horse, but the general consensus was that it was almost entirely her own fault, and not the horse’s; it was a slow fall and she was fine after a few minutes.

I could barely walk when we got off the horse the second time, but luckily that passed quickly. We got time to relax and partake in more sweets and beverage, and seemed to be at our leisure in terms of when we left; the drivers had stayed at the estancia the entire time, so there wasn’t a rush to leave, but we were able to as soon as we wanted. Overall, the day was perfect and all the people were fantastic, especially our guide Rose and our true gaucho Juan.




One thought on “A Gallop from the City

  1. Cool Maddy- Geez, I don’t know where in the US you could get an experience
    like that !!! Too bad former World Champion rider Alexa could not have shared in that adventure. Maybe some day you could visit us in Manhattan
    and Alexa could take you around for a ride. Great post !!!

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