The La Cabrera Experience

For one of my family’s last dinners in Buenos Aires, we decided to check out La Cabrera, a famous parilla (steakhouse) conveniently located a few blocks away from our residencia! I was able to make reservations the night before, and we got the first spot of the night – at 8:15PM.

Even though we were the first ones seated, by 9:00PM the place was full with a large crowd waiting outside the door.

After a few minutes of looking over the menu, we had a good idea of what we wanted – a bottle of wine, two portions of beef tenderloin and two sirloins. When we told this to the waiter, however, he had something else in mind. He told my mom and I to share a tenderloin and then for us to get one sirloin and to try the rib-eye, the “most popular dish”. I was a little confused with his Spanish, so we just agreed to everything he said and I’m glad we did! Everything was super delicious and the meat was perfectly tender. The meals come with all these little bowls of sides – mashed potatoes, applesauce, broccoli, squash, mustard, and so much more!

It was overall a fantastic experience, even if it was a little touristy. I’m fine with touristy though – as long as it means good food!



3 thoughts on “The La Cabrera Experience

  1. Man, you three are doing a great job of promoting the apparently excellent cuisine of Argentina. One question, How come I don’t see hardly any
    tubby Argentinians in your pictures??? how can they eat so well and stay
    so fit looking??? I am confused ?? Keep up the good literary work !

  2. Abi, Mike and I thought La Cabrera was the best meal we had in Argentina (except Elda’s, of course). It also didn’t strike me as particularly touristy. We loved the thyme-scented tenderloin, which with the side dishes seemed to be enough for 4 people. Even with wine and an appetizer, we paid about $50 US for the two of us. Amazing!!! And people waited for hours outside, kept reasonably happy by the champagne they were passing out to the crowd. I’m sorry I didn’t get to try their pizza place, but Pamela’s recommendation of El Cuartito in Microcentro was splendid pizza.

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