What better way to take advantage of our first class-free Friday than to check out the BA Zoo?!

It was definitely a different experience than you’d expect at any zoo in the U.S. There were different types of birds & muskrat-type things running free all over the place.

We made an adorable duckling friend! He was a tough little guy.

We’ve been trying to figure out what these are for a while, too..

The main exhibits were smaller than all of us are used to, which was kind of sad to see for some of the bigger animals. The outer fences were a lot closer, though! All of the small children & their parents had buckets of animal food that they could put in little feed containers that were easily reachable from the animals’ cages.

We all agreed that it was a nice enough zoo, but just not what we’re used to seeing.

We’re all busy with homework today, but we’ll have a post up soon about some more cultural differences we’ve noticed including things we learned during our first week of real classes!

– Alexa, Abi, & Maddy


3 thoughts on “Zoológico

  1. Hola, Abi. The muskrat looking animal is a nutria. After doing some research
    I found out that the other unknown creature in your photo is the Patagonian
    cavy or mara. It’s a member of the guinea pig family and the world’s fourth
    largest rodent. Chau.

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