A Night of Tango: La Esquina Homero Manzi

After a bit of a hiatus, we got to enjoy another CEA outing last night. After class, everyone got all dressed up to make the trek to the barrio of Boedo (& we mean a trek – a bus ride & two subte lines later) to wine, dine, & be entertained by some amazing tango performers at La Esquina Homero Manzi.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we thought that we were too early because we didn’t recognize anyone right inside the doors, but then we realized that the whole front section of the floor (right in front of the stage!) was roped off just for us! After getting comfortable at a table, the rest of the kids in our program kept trickling in. There were a lot more people that we still haven’t met, which was a bit of a surprise.

Once we filled up our tables (there were close to a hundred of us), the waiters started bringing out bread baskets, orange juice, small glasses of sherry, huge pitchers of water, & of course, empanadas. We got to choose from a list of beverages, appetizers, & main courses off of the menus that looked like sheet music. Everyone got to chat, drink wine, & dig in to big steaks, chicken, salads, & pasta. Normally those of us who live at Elda’s have a bit of a problem when we miss dinner at home, but this trip was well worth it.

About halfway through our main course, the curtain on the stage went up & the 5-person band on stage started playing tango music. It was made up of a piano, stand-up bass, guitar, accordion, & a violin. The band got its time to shine, but you could feel the excitement in the room when the dancers appeared. There were three couples who stepped & twirled all over the stage for a good hour, showing us the pride & passion that Argentines have for their most famous dance. In between the dancers’ parts, there were songs sung by an older man & woman. The music was heartfelt & it gave our eyes a break from the visual spectacle that serious tangoing provides – it was the perfect amount of time for all of the costume changes, too!

When the show was over, we were sufficiently stuffed & ready to head home. It should be illegal to be fed that much great food & see such a fabulous show all at one time! Five of us from Elda’s headed out of the front doors at the same time as the band’s accordion player, who we were going to try chatting to, but everyone chickened out. I guess we all still need to build up our Spanish confidence. Instead, we hopped into a cab (no one was in the mood for another hour on public transportation). The (mostly translated) conversation with our cabbie went something like this…
Us: ¡Hola!
Him: Hola. Umm.. There are five of you.
Us: Yes there are! To [our address], por favor! *squeezed in & shut the door*
Him: *resigned sigh*
Might as well save some money where you can, right? If only the taxi trunks counted as a seat, we could start splitting cabs six or seven ways! Just kidding.. kind of.

That being besides the point, we all had an amazing time with everyone in CEA! We definitely recommend that anyone who visits Buenos Aires go see a tango show; as touristy as it may be, you won’t regret it for a second.

– Alexa, Abi, & Maddy


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