Lazy Wednesday

Rain. What university would really expect us to be motivated enough to hop on a bus to get to class when it is raining outside? We decided ours wouldn’t miss us too much yesterday.

Abi’s been getting a little bit sick lately, so she was already planning on hanging out at home all day. I can’t say that I didn’t wish to do the same the second I woke up to the sound of cars on wet pavement & a steady rain shower. Maddy was coming back from her 8am marketing class (with Argentines – scary) when I was walking to the gym. Right there it seems like we were being motivated, but the moment I walked back in the door after my workout, I was confronted by a group of our housemates yelling, “Alexa! Don’t go to class! No one is!” I mean, who could argue with that?

I’m not going to exaggerate my dedication to schoolwork; it didn’t take much convincing to keep me in the house. Everyone got in (or stayed in) their PJs, pulled up our new favorite website to order some lunch, & started making requests for movies to download. Dantón was around to take advantage of our laziness & received many a belly rub, too.

By about 3:15, our food arrived, so we all stretched out to feast on ridiculous amounts of french fries, burgers, salads, eggs, & sandwiches. The perfect follow up to stuffing our faces was, of course, to curl up on our big couch & watch Tangled.

What a happy delivery man!

... just to make sure we knew how many eggs were really in there.

Don’t judge. I already said I went to the gym. The four of us in the house who are on UB’s volleyball team managed to drag ourselves out of the house for practice, too! It was quite a feat.


Today & tomorrow are Argentine national holidays marking the anniversary of the military coup that started the 1976-1983 dictatorships. No class for us! There’s a possibility that we might head over to the Plaza de Mayo because it would make sense that the most activity related to this holiday would be happening there. Either that or we’ll actually be good students & get some homework done in a café or bookstore somewhere. Anything could happen!

– Alexa

3 thoughts on “Lazy Wednesday

  1. Hope this doesn’t become a habit….. the ditching class or the pigging out! Yikes! But I’m jealous, its 35 degrees outside today and I have to work! But Jo left us COOKIES!!!!

  2. Why does Brian have one format for this blogsite, the original and I have a new format that starts with a swipe me photo. Just wondering why they differ????
    And your photo on was awesome!

    • Thanks!
      And its probably because you are looking at it on an iPad and he is on a computer. See if there is somewhere on the top of bottom of the page where you can change how you view it. It’s like “Blog view or Mobile view” or something like that. At least, that’s what I do on my iPod.
      If that doesn’t work then I have no idea! Just try typing in the address instead of clicking on the bookmarked icon.

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