Continued Search for the Perfect Café/Bookstore

After far too many “holidays” of laziness/lounging around, we realized that we should finally confront our fears of productivity & do some homework. Alexa had checked out a new bookstore that we read about on a fellow North American-turned-porteña‘s blog & said it was even better than our beloved Libros del Pasaje, so of course we had to all see for ourselves.

After wandering up & down the street a bit because someone (take a guess) couldn’t remember the actual address or exact location of La Eterna Cadencia, we reached our destination & immediately set up camp on the couches in the café area. Unfortunately the kitchen wasn’t open, so we could only get drinks & baked goods (oh no, right?).

It was hard to focus on homework because the store is just too pretty! Some fun background info: it used to be a printing factory. How appropriate! Now it’s full of big oak shelves bursting with books of all sorts. The café seating area is naturally lit by a gigantic skylight. We’re hoping it’ll be open for seating all year long so we can feel like we’re getting some sun while staying warm in the upcoming winter months! Here are some pictures that just barely do the space justice:

Taken during homework breaks, of course. We’ll definitely be coming back. Now back to the books!

– Alexa, Abi, & Maddy


5 thoughts on “Continued Search for the Perfect Café/Bookstore

  1. Looks like my kind of place! Where is it located?
    We’re missing the sun and warmth. It snowed today. But, Mike found a recipe for medialunas, so maybe we will survive.

  2. I bet I can ‘guess’ who didn’t remember the address or the ‘exact’ location! hahaha! Looks really nice though, by comparison, Barnes and Noble seems lame!

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