Random Observations: Part Two

Continuing the never-ending saga of discovering new things

1. There are advertisements on all the street signs. The most common are Claro advertisements (the Argentine version of AT&T or T-mobile) but I’ve seen a few others as well.

2. Taxes are included in the prices listed on menus so there are usually only round numbers (no $19.99!).

3. Most ATMs are inside the banks (and you usually have to swipe your card to open the door) because people used to get robbed all the time at outside ATMs.

4. There are no screens on windows (at least in the buildings/houses I’ve been in). This means you can get mosquito bites inside and outside!

5. If you live here for 2 consecutive years, you can apply for citizenship. That’s it! No test or anything.

6. Free street parking! I have yet to see one parking meter.

7. Dog walkers!



4 thoughts on “Random Observations: Part Two

  1. Abi, it took me days to figure out the street sign ad thing, and I didn’t figure it out until I saw one that didn’t say Claro. I thought Claro meant something in Spanish – duh.

  2. Wow, I have been reading your postings….this looks like a wonderful adventure….as for the dog walker…do they have to curb their dogs? It must be a real handful.

    Keep enjoying.

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