Continuing our film festival adventures, we decided to check out one of the free outdoor projection films. The movie wasn’t until 3:00 on Saturday, so in the morning we went to Plaza Serrano to look around and shop for a little bit. It was a relaxing morning with perfect weather! Around 2:15, Alexa and I headed out with some of the girls from our house to get to the movie Nina & Yuki. Luckily, the outdoor location was right near where we had gone for the movie the day before, so it was easy to find. When we got there we ran right into two girls selling pan relleno, or filled bread; I was definitely hungry, so it was the perfect thing. They had various types, but I went for the corn, cheese, onion and pepper – it was delicious!

When everyone had gotten any food they wanted we sat down in one of the rows of plastic seats and waited for the film to begin. To start, there was a short made by students in the area, which was pretty well done, but a very weird story. After that the movie started…

Overall, the movie was good, but definitely a little slow. The story was about two girls (Nina and Yuki) living in France, facing the issue of a parents’ separation that was threatening to pull one girl to the other side of the world (Japan). The movie was mostly French, with some Japanese, and Spanish subtitles throughout. The subtitles were easy enough to understand, but it can get hard to read the subtitles and watch the movie. Also, a sunspot that started at one corner of the screen ended up growing instead of shrinking, which meant it was hard to really see the picture anyway. Yet despite all this, it was actually a fun time – the movie wasn’t bad and it was nice to feel like such a part of the city, going to all the cool cultural events. I had also been feeling a little bit reclusive, having not done all that much outside the house recently, so it was good to get out for a bit.

Upon returning to the house, a lot of us found ourselves surprisingly worn out, so it was naptime until dinner for me and a few others. Following that we got to officially celebrate Melanie’s birthday with some extra delicious pizza and Argentine birthday cake (dulce de leche and some kind of sweet cheese)!

– Maddy


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