Killing Time at MALBA

Yesterday, instead of sitting around at school for a few hours between my last class & volleyball practice, I decided to see one of the often-mentioned Buenos Aires tourist attractions: el Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, better known as MALBA.

It’s free for students on Wednesdays, so the only thing I could lose from this trip were a couple of hours and some bus change. I was a bit wary because I’ve heard from (many) others that it’s not worth all of the hype it gets, but I have to say that I definitely enjoyed myself! The people I went with needed to see a specific exhibit for a class; I’d suggest going with someone who knows some background information about the collections, or maybe taking a guided tour, because it’s a lot easier to appreciate what you’re looking at that way. I got to experience Grete Stern’s Los sueños 1948-1951 exhibit from the perspective of my friend’s gender studies class!

The other artist that caught my eye was Xul Solar who has been mentioned in my Contemporary Argentine Art class. They gave him his own little corner on the first floor at MALBA, but he just so happens to have his own museum, too! That might be the focus of a small excursion coming up.

Because I had to get myself back to Belgrano for volleyball practice, I didn’t get to see everything in the museum. I think I’ll be saving it for another gloomy Wednesday in the future.

– Alexa


3 thoughts on “Killing Time at MALBA

  1. We enjoyed MALBA very much, although as scientists, the self-contained apparatus for plant growth didn’t seem so much like art to us:-)

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