“I Lose Myself When You Look At Me Like That”

Since we had Thursday off this week for Semana Santa (Holy Week), we decided to head over to San Telmo and hit up Wafles Sur, a waffle place that Alexa had previously been to but just had to go to again. (Super Fun Fact: wafles is pronounced waf-lays, not waf-ulls! I think we can agree that this way is so much more fun!)

On our way to San Telmo, we got off at the wrong bus stop and had to walk about 8 blocks in the opposite direction to find Wafles Sur, but it was definitely worth the wait. This place had all different types of fillings – dulce de leche, jam, avocado, fruit, vegetables, and many more. Also, the guys who worked there were very friendly and super nice (see quote above!).

After hanging around there and enjoying our waffles, we then went down the street to see Walrus Books, a bookstore with mostly English books. (Since we have to read so much Spanish for school its nice to curl up with a good book and actually understand what is going on!) This bookstore was full with books, and according to My.Beautiful.Air’s post about English bookstores, they get all of their books sent from US book fairs each year.

When everyone had sufficiently browsed the shelves & made some choice purchases, we trekked over to Plaza de Mayo. For those of us in Contemporary Argentine Art at UB, the area near the plaza is chock-full of interesting architecture and was the focus of our latest class project. We split off from the rest of our group who wanted to watch the mothers’ march and went on our own little architecture walk. It’s been a lot of fun seeing the things we learn in class come to life on the streets and in museums!

After getting a good look at San Telmo without it being overwhelmed by the feria on the weekend, we decided it’s definitely one of our favorite neighborhoods!

– Abi & Alexa


5 thoughts on ““I Lose Myself When You Look At Me Like That”

  1. So, by my count your bookstore tour now numbers 4 (not counting the University copy center.) Do you all plan to go to the Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires, at the Rural Exposition Fairgrounds in Palermo opposite the zoo? It runs through 5 May and sounds like it got off to a rousing controversial start by inviting last year’s Nobel Prize winner.

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