We had to get some ingredients for our taco dinner tonight, so we went to Jumbo – a huge grocery store/mall/Wal-Mart. After getting everything we needed, we headed to the check-out lines at the front of the store and jumped in the shortest line we saw – which happened to be a Priority line, a line reserved for the elderly, pregnant people, or people with kids. We were already close to the front of the line when we realized this, so we decided to stay in the line and hope they wouldn’t realize that we were all young, not pregnant people. We put our food on the belt and when it was our turn, the cashier said that we had to ask the woman behind us (who had kids) if she wanted to go in front of us. When we finally figured out what she wanted us to do, we asked the woman with kids, and gladly went in front of us and started putting her food on the belt.

We let her pass, but the lady in front of us got all mad at the cashier and was saying it was ridiculous that the woman with kids got to go in front of us and that everything would have gone faster if she just let us go first. It was very nice of this lady to stand up for us, but it ended up turning into a scene and everyone had to wait longer (and some lady behind us was NOT pleased about that). Needless to say, the cashier wasn’t very happy with us and made an announcement to the rest of the line that they could only be there if they were old, pregnant, or had kids. After a manager came over to make sure everything was all right, we were able to pay for our food and we booked it out of there.

Other than crazy Priority lines, Jumbo does have some redeeming qualities, such as….

Crazy escalator things you can take your cart on!

Aisles with street names!

Large pans of food!

-Abi & Alexa

2 thoughts on “Jumbo

  1. You troublemakers.
    Sheesh- kids these days !
    But it sure looks like it was a lot of Fun !!!! I’ll bet you all had a ton of laughs !

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