Jumbo’s Gift to Us = Taco Fiesta

Yes, braving angry Argentine grocery shoppers was completely worth it. Our tacos were an amazing success! Some extra creativity was needed; we were making everything upstairs in the teeny tiny common area between all of our rooms with one hot plate, one knife to cut veggies, and a stack of flimsy plastic plates. Anything for Mexican food!


Buffet style

Our happy roommate Tori

After 3 months, I think I’m still going through salsa withdrawal. Feel free to send jars to our house. It may or may not be an emergency situation.



4 thoughts on “Jumbo’s Gift to Us = Taco Fiesta

  1. Uh…. your in Argentina and you have a craving for Mexican food.
    Hmmm…. seems odd.
    Don’t they have salsa there?? If you know what you want, i can
    mail you some. let me know. You are pretty tough to guess for.

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