This Post Brought to You By Weekend Laziness

9:45AM – Alexa’s alarm went off, & despite a pretty late night, she zombie-walked down to the breakfast table because there is absolutely no good reason to miss a free breakfast.

You know you want to...

10:30 – She committed herself to watching all 23 video clips of A Very Potter Musical due to being in the dark every time people in the house referenced the jokes from the show.

12:08PM – Abi decides to wake up. (Bum.)

1:10 – We write a post about the taco party. Please see below.

1:50 – Abi orders gnocchi from Buenos Aires Delivery to further enhance the laziness.

2:20 – Abi’s gnocchi arrives (20 minutes early!) and she eats it while reading random Wikipedia articles.

4:00 – Thanks to taco party leftovers, Alexa enjoys a beautiful salad at no extra cost other than being harassed by Jumbo-goers the previous day.

4:40 – Alexa successfully completes A Very Potter Musical. No thanks to the cripplingly slow speed of our Internet connection. A Very Potter Sequel soon to follow?

5:50 – Abi does something productive and finishes a project for Argentine Art class. Alexa has yet to start it.

6:15 – We get the munchies & decide to venture out into the real world with other humans. We did ourselves a favor by walking to the farther kiosk. Yay for exercise!… and junk food.

6:30 – While opening the front gate to get back into our house, we correctly gave some unfortunately confused man directions to the next street over. Good deed for the day: check.

7:45 – We catch up on our favorite blogs.

9:00 – Watched episode 10 of The Big Bang Theory. Just one step closer to our goal of watching all 4 seasons before we get back to the States.

There’s a chance we’ll get dressed at some point. Maybe. At least Maddy’s doing something adventurous in Jujuy!
Don’t ever say that we don’t keep you guys updated! 😉

– Alexa & Abi

One thought on “This Post Brought to You By Weekend Laziness

  1. OMG!!! That sounds like the ultimate in inactivity. Glad you ate the salad before indulging in all the junk. Yikes! What happened to my productive daughter? Hmmmm……

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