Easter Sunday Strollin’

Felices Pascuas, everyone! Happy Easter! I hope your day started with at least a few chocolate eggs like mine did.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day in Buenos Aires… all the better to get a little lost, right? I had to get myself out of the house, so I grabbed some homework & walked in the direction of my favorite bookstore. This was a great plan until I walked up to the front door and it was barred shut. After that I decided to walk around & enjoy the nice weather, which brought me to another closed bookstore (sad) & finally the park where I got my read on with some Julio Cortázar. Instrucciones para subir una escalera anyone?

We have a habit of trying to walk down streets that we don’t always use when we’re going somewhere, so after reading, I chose to do the same and gave myself a mini graffiti tour on the way. I love finding new art while walking through the BsAs neighborhoods!

The only issue with being distracted by street art is that you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to which streets you’re exploring. Maybe that’s just me. Knowing that I was at least in the general area of where our house is, I kept listening to music and turning corners where I saw fit. Thankfully my method worked and my midday adventure ended at California Burrito Company.

Now if only I could find some Peeps…

– Alexa

5 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Strollin’

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