Random Observations: Part Three

Not really observations. More like fun facts!

1. First off, Argentina has free healthcare. That being awesome as it is, we also discovered that on some private insurance plans you get one free plastic surgery procedure per year. Not saying that Argentines aren’t naturally beautiful, but that sure could help, couldn’t it?

2. Since healthcare is free, in many cases janitors and subway drivers get paid more than public doctors.

3. When we entered Argentina, we had to pay $140 as a tourist entrance fee. We originally thought this was Argentina hating us, but it turns out they’re just returning the favor. Let us explain: The US charges foreign citizens to enter the US, so these other countries have created an entrance fee solely for US citizens. This reciprocity fee is only a one time charge, so we can come back to Argentina for free until our passports expire! (We also had to pay this fee when we went to Chile, and if you want to know if there are any entry/exit fees for other countries, the US State Department has a list here!)

4. Apparently US immigration agents have the authority to deny entry to foreigners who have already purchased US visas abroad and flown into a US airport. For example, an Argentine can get a US visa in Argentina, pay for the flight, fly into a US airport, and just have to turn around and go home if the immigration agent deems it necessary. (We understand why profiling is necessary for national security but you would think they would do this BEFORE someone spends so much money…)

-Abi and Alexa


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