No Class? Read News & Share!

Just like any other morning when we don’t have class, I was perusing Gawker (my news source of choice), & came upon a couple of interesting and relevant articles.

The first was a quick overview of a study that’s been done about Argentines’ perception of their own income level. On Gawker, the study was compared with North Americans’ perception of the same thing. Everyone is “middle class”, right?

The other blurb that was worth a little look-see had to do with an idea that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett recently proposed. He plans on cutting a huge amount of funding that goes to PA state colleges & universities, so why not “just give those work-study kids some powerful shale-blasting water guns” to bring in extra cash?! I couldn’t help but think of a certain college roommate of mine that I’m sure is outraged at this statement.

Well, that’s enough sharing for now. (I’m an only child, so it doesn’t come easy.) Keep yourselves informed, & tell us what you think!

– Alexa


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