The World’s Best City for Books

Our obsession with books is getting a little serious. The 37th annual Feria del Libro is in Buenos Aires for the next few weeks so of course we jumped on a colectivo and went straight to see what kind of books this huge fair had to offer!

Once we got there, we immediately got lost in the giant maze, passing book stands from all around the world. Maddy was able to find the books she needed for her Politics class, and the rest of the time we spent perusing the various books stands.

The bright Tucumán, Argentina stand!

Mini books!

After browsing graphic design books, architecture books, travel books (and so many more!) we felt a little overwhelmed and decided to call it a day. We ended up having to walk home in the rain, but a quick stop at our favorite ice cream place put a smile back on our faces real quick!

-Abi, Alexa, and Maddy


5 thoughts on “The World’s Best City for Books

  1. So glad you made it to the book fair! Were any publishers showing books for electronic readers such as the Kindle or iPad?

    • Not really sure… There were some stands that had Kindles or iPads, but it seemed like those were mostly country/province stands; most books seemed to be in print, in any case.

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