FINALLY! Mexican Food

We may have already mentioned this, but Argentine food is pretty.. well, bland. Our host mom, Elda, makes us amazing food every night, but in general, the typical Argentine fare is less than fabulous. It being a rainy, gloomy day today, the three of us decided to try one of the Mexican places near us to kill some time and finally bring the spice back into our lives. We couldn’t have made a better decision.

After walking past our favorite Chipotle look-alike (it was difficult) we sat ourselves down in Veracruz (like in Pittsburgh!). There was literally not a single other dining client in the place, so we got all of the attention to ourselves. Before our food came, our waiter happened to find exactly three HUGE sombreros for us to wear and enjoy while we waited.

The food itself was fabulous. We almost cried either from the happiness of eating spicy food again or from the fact that it was so spicy.

When we thought our rainy afternoon couldn’t get any better, our waiter brought out three big margaritas, free of charge.

We knew there was more than one reason we missed Mexican food so much!

– Alexa, Abi, & Maddy


3 thoughts on “FINALLY! Mexican Food

  1. Ai Yi Yi Alexa in ecstasy at last!!! Pizza and hot dogs tomorrow ????
    So much for the cultural immersion……………………………
    But, the food does look pretty tree-men-dous !!

  2. I promise I will make your favorite Chicken Enchiladas when you get back!
    I didn’t realize you were going through Mexican food withdrawal !

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