Welcome to the Jungle

The fall weather in Buenos Aires has been exceptionally nice lately so we decided what better way to enjoy it than to go do something outdoorsy and hit up the one place where you can really escape the city: the Ecological Reserve! The colectivo dropped us off a few blocks from the Ecological Reserve, in Buenos Aires’ newest neighborhood, Puerto Madero (Pittsburghers: think South Side Works.)

We walked along the water in Puerto Madero looking for a place to grab lunch and got to check out our favorite bridge: Puente de la Mujer!

The walk around the Ecological Reserve provided us with some beautiful views of the river and also the occasional glimpse of the city, reminding us we were still in one of the biggest cities in the world.

-Abi, Alexa, and Maddy

One thought on “Welcome to the Jungle

  1. Good idea, and thanks for the pics, ladies. Your fall has definitely been warmer than our spring, although we are slowly getting to the 60 degree mark, maybe even 70 this week!


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