Lesson Learned Through Mail

Some time ago (maybe longer than I remember) Elda handed me a notification that I got something in the mail. How exciting is that?! Since we had midterms last week, I kept putting off making the trek to the post office, but yesterday I got up & made it my first priority.

After figuring out which colectivo I needed to take (my best friend, the 55!), I got all my stuff together & hopped on a few blocks from the house. The area around the post office was unfamiliar, so I got slightly turned around & might have walked into a random building, but the man who helped me out welcomed me to Argentina!

I found the post office, took my number, & sat down to wait. Here’s what I looked at for about 25 minutes:

I was so ready to get some packaged love from home, but when I finally got called up to the window, my mail had gotten bored & went back to the States. Sad. Next time anything comes my way, if it does, I’ll hop on a bus immediately! At least I know where to go now.

– Alexa


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