An Afternoon of Argie Art

For the past 20 years, Buenos Aires has been the proud host of ArteBA, a huge showcase of Argentine artists’ work. Attached to the exhibition is also the Feria PuroDiseño (Pure Design Fair). What better way to kill some time after class/before dinner than looking at some artsy stuff?

The two fairs were conveniently on our way home from Belgrano in the same buildings that the Feria del Libro took place. Two of our housemates & I had to make the tough decision between going into either the ArteBA exhibit or the Feria PuroDiseño because you had to pay separately for the tickets. Three Argentine girls who had just walked out of the design fair said it was pretty awesome; our logic was that we probably weren’t going to be buying any fancy, expensive paintings to bring home, so we went into the feria.

Verdict: we made the right decision! None of us bought anything, but there were so many amazing booths set up with anything from jewelry made of completely recycled materials to artisan lingerie to rainbow-colored puffy couches.

A dress made of entirely subte ticket stubs!

The amount of colors & design was extremely overwhelming, but we all felt like we got a good dose of Argentine culture for the day.

– Alexa


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