A Comical Understanding

Last week in our economics class, I had to give a mini-presentation about anything slightly econ-related, so I chose to talk about the scandal behind the former head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, stepping down from his position. It’s a juicy story, so read it if you’re not already caught up! Anyway, Maddy, Abi, & I went to a nearby bakery for lunch the other day before taking a walk around Palermo (this sounds unrelated, but it’s not) & on our table was the latest issue of Clarín, the most popular BsAs newspaper. On one of the first few pages, we saw this:

“This just in! Strauss-Kahn affirms that the sex he had with the hotel maid was consensual.”
“…and he reflects: ‘I am a rich, white man while she is just a poor, black woman'”
“‘More consensual than that… Impossible!,’ he assures.”

I think it’s fun enough when I understand current events comics in English, but this just brought the party up to a whole new level. Thanks, Econ class, for indirectly teaching me how to read the newspaper.

– Alexa


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