Random Observations: Part Four

1. Minimum wage here is $2.10 pesos. PESOS. That is roughly $0.50 USD.

2. Milk comes in bags.

3. They make these hideous shoes in boot form (so they are wearable in any season!)

4. Argentina hasn’t yet realized that you can rip off students by making textbooks extremely overpriced! Instead, we just use huge, photocopied notebooks that cost less than $25 USD. The line at the photocopy place was really long for the first few weeks of school but it beats paying hundreds of dollars for books you will never use again!

5. Did you know tally marks vary by country? North America, Europe, Australia, and a few other countries use the four lines with a diagonal line through it method. However, South America uses these tally marks:

(Extra fun fact: Asia also has a different method of tallying)

-Abi, Alexa, and Maddy

5 thoughts on “Random Observations: Part Four

  1. Thanks, Abi. I really enjoy these little observations about different products, customs and practices.


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