“Happy birthday! I got you a boyfriend!”

Before we tell you about our trip to José’s farm this past weekend, we decided to give you some more details about how we met Los Guys.

So, as you already know, Alexa plays volleyball for University of Belgrano. Since there is no men’s team at the school, a few guys from the university practice with the girls every week (enter: José). At the end of April, José was nice enough to offer up his house for a party for Alexa’s birthday, and it turned into one big mixture of our Eldita’s housemates, a few friends from CEA, UB volleyball players, and José’s friends (enter: Alberto). Basically, it was one of the best nights out we’ve had thus far, so here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment!

"The Bloggers" and Bianca!

A good mix of Eldita's girls, volleyball kids, & Argentine buds

Our ridiculous friend Laura!

Bro pic

Etienne successfully invading the "girls only" photo

Elda's girls always take advantage of free pizza 😉

-Abi & Alexa


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