El Farm

Our apologies for the amount of Spanglish post titles lately, but as promised, here’s a rundown of what Abi & I did on José’s farm this past weekend! Due to poor planning, both of our cameras died, so pictures are limited, but hopefully we’ll have a chance to go back & capture the full beauty of fields as far as the eye can see without the interruption of a steel, concrete, or glass building.

The four of us (José, Alberto, Abi, & I – if there was any confusion) left early Saturday morning & drove about an hour & a half (if an Argentine is driving) to the little town of San Antonio de Areco. We stopped at the local grocery store for our weekend food supply & made our way out on dirt roads to the even smaller town of Duggan, which was all fields & farm houses. I’m still surprised we made it all the way to José’s family’s farm without any problems because a dirt road recently rutted out by the combination of rain & big wheels doesn’t make the best path for a little town car that’s low to the ground. Despite this challenge, we made it to the front gate.

Alberto rocking the alpaca sweater look

The second we got out of the car, we were attacked by a hoard of happy dogs, which made Abi even happier!

Our favorite dog, Berni!

We unloaded all of our stuff in the house, put the groceries in la cocina, & then Abi & I ran outside to explore a little bit.

The kitchen

Pool: Out of Service for Winter Season

Rope swing!

Peacocks? Didn't realize we were at a zoo.

We made a delightful discovery that there was a pool table in the house, so to be honest, we basically played pool all weekend.

Alberto & Abi: pool sharks

This was especially true when the boys took a 2-hour break to collapse in the living room & watch the final game of the Champions League soccer match between Barcelona & Manchester United.

Best seat in the house!

After the soccer game, we hopped on some of the horses to check out the area a bit more, minus Abi who had quality bonding time with Chiqui, the resident farm employee. We were lucky enough to have an asado for both lunch & dinner on Saturday because Chiqui is apparently a grill master. The boys showed off their cooking skills the next day & we had enough pasta to feed an army. Besides playing pool, eating too much, & running around the farm, we had a pretty relaxing weekend away from the city. It was much needed! We didn’t want to leave in the end, but sadly, we’re not in Argentina just to hide out in the country for weeks at a time, so we’re back in the daily grind of classes. At least we know of somewhere we can escape to if we ever need another breath of fresh air!

– Alexa & Abi

2 thoughts on “El Farm

  1. Looks like a gorgeous estancia, so tranquil, and the dogs so loving, glad you are all having a good time. Seemed like a perfect weekend!

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