Free FroYo!

Free? That’s right, free! Thanks to our love of, we found out about an offer for free frozen yogurt; all we had to do was meander on down the street between the hours of 7 and 9 pm tonight. Immediately recognizable by the large crowd of people in and around the Top it! shop, we headed in to pick our dish. We had the choice between original (natural) and maracuyá (passionfruit), and then got to pick two toppings. It’s basically the same concept as Red Mango or Sweet Berry. While there, we also got our picture taken a few times, so hopefully we’ll be featured in a promotion!

Free FroYo tends to draw a crowd.

Our choices!

– Maddy, Abi, & Alexa


8 thoughts on “Free FroYo!

  1. Gurias, voces falam protugues? Acompanho voces desde o inicio do ano, entendo o ingles mas não escrevo, quero muito fazer intercambio em Buenos Aires, ja conversei com pessoas de outras partes do mundo tambem. Quero aproveitar as experiencias de voces, moro em Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.

    • We don’t speak Portuguese (we wish we did), but surprisingly, we understood everything you said! Thank you so much for following our trip; we were ridiculously excited to hear from you! We have an unhealthy obsession with Brazil. If you ever have any questions about what you should do in Argentina, don’t hesitate to ask!

      • Obrigado. Que legal que tu gosta do Brasil, tu pretende vir para cá? Quero ir a Argentina ainda este ano. Tu achas que devo fazer um curso de espanhol antes de ir? Tenho uma escola de intercambio, para aulas da lingua espanhola e passeios, como tu fiseste. Tu achas que devo comprar todos? Me conte das pessoas , são legais? Vou sozinha, tenho um pouco de medo.

        • We really do want to check out Brazil some time, but it isn’t going to happen on this trip, unfortunately. I would highly suggest taking a Spanish course before coming to Argentina; it makes getting around and doing everyday things a LOT easier. Not to mention it makes it easier for you to meet people! All the people I’ve met have been really nice. The only bad experiences I’ve had have been related to cultural differences, so I’m not sure how that would translate for you being from Brazil & coming to another South American country. I wouldn’t be too worried about coming by yourself if you’re coming with a program. There are foreigners everywhere if you ever need someone who reminds you of home!

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