Argentine Hipsters Galore

Last night, Maddy & I went with a couple other girls from our program to Club Cultural Matienzo, which is basically a bar in a house on the edge of Palermo & Belgrano. Our friend Merritt told us that a band called Marvin was going to be playing there, so we thought we’d check it out rather than hiding from the cold like we probably would have done.

The outside of the place was painted all kinds of crazy colors & there were super hip Argentines walking in & out of the front door with sound equipment & instruments.

Maddy with our friend & fellow Pitt student Merritt outside of CCM

For some reason, the entire night I felt like I was back in Pittsburgh. I don’t know if it was because three of us were Pitt students, because we were in a kind of beat-up obscurely decorated house, or some combination of that & other things, but it was a weird feeling.

Disco ball + lines of taped-up paper + black lights.. Can't go wrong.

It said online that the show was supposed to start at 10pm, but some combination of musician time plus Argentine time brought us to midnight with no sign of the band actually starting to play.

*crickets* ... at least the stage looked pretty!

There was a big ordeal involving stringing up Marvin’s symbol (in the form of a neon orange stuffed.. figure) at the front of the stage. That took some time & ingenuity.

The band's mascot

Unfortunately, our group was pretty tired & had some early morning plans, so we gave up on Marvin & went our separate ways, but it was definitely a fun experience seeing a different side of young Argentine culture. I think we’ll head back to CCM on a different night in the future. Maybe this time to actually hear the music!

– Alexa & Maddy


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