Good Times While Killing Time

Yesterday afternoon we walked around Palermo & entertained ourselves in a various assortment of ways. On our way back from getting free frozen yogurt the night before, we saw an adorable paper goods store, so we decided to check it out!

Palermo Paper

Results of the store's origami class, perhaps?

We also made a second attempt to buy some alpargatas because Alexa can’t seem to get the pair she wants in her size. Disappointment: round 2. It was worth a try.

Alexa wants the rainbow ones!

As has been usual lately, it was a pretty fall day in Palermo!

Have we mentioned that we live right by MTV Argentina? Because we do.
Fun Fact: Miley Cyrus has been seen less than a block from our house.

You'd never guess that it hosts so many famous people.

– Alexa, Abi, & Maddy


5 thoughts on “Good Times While Killing Time

      • oh awesome! i’m studying there this semester and was actually thinking of buying a pair of Toms before I left, but I will definitely hold out and get some when i’m there! your blog is great by the way, i’m glad i stumbled upon it. it gives me a lot to look forward to 🙂

        • Definitely hold off on the shoes! And GRACIAS! Seriously, if you ever have any questions or want a suggestion, let us know. We talk about Argentina way too much, so it’d be nice to do it with someone who’s more interested. 😛

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