Returning to Tourist Tendencies

Since Maddy and Abi have less than a month left in Buenos Aires (Alexa is staying until the end of July because of an exam) we are visiting all of the touristy attractions that we have yet to see. The first place on our list: the Japanese Gardens!

Although we made many of our park/garden visits during the summer, we’re glad we waited until the fall to see the Japanese Gardens because the autumn leaves provided for some beautiful pictures (and the park was probably a lot less crowded!)

-Abi, Alexa, and Maddy

7 thoughts on “Returning to Tourist Tendencies

  1. I’m glad you made it to the Japanese gardens before leaving BA. We really enjoyed our walk through there and found it quite peaceful. So, what’s next on the list of touristy attractions you haven’t seen yet? Leo says hi.

  2. The Gardens in these photos are much less crowded than in March when we visited (of course, that was a long holiday weekend, too). Do portenos start hibernating when the temperature drops?

  3. It does look much more peaceful without throngs of tourists stopping to take pictures every 3 feet. We also saw a lot of cats there, much like Recoleta Cemetery. Were they still hanging around in the “cold”?

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