Spontaneous Submarino Run

You know those nights when it’s really cold out, the internet is going waaay too slow, and you are just waiting around for something to happen? We were having one of those nights last night and decided the best way to get out of our little slump would be to go get some submarinos! To make the adventure even more fun we decided that we had to get out of our pajamas, look presentable for an 11PM café trip, and be out the door in 5 minutes or less!

Submarinos are basically the greatest drinks ever created, especially when its chilly out. All you need is a glass of hot milk and a chocolate bar. Drop the chocolate bar (the submarine) in and voilà: hot chocolate! Our friend Austin described the night perfectly when he said “it’s like happiness pouring into your soul.”

Alexa demonstrating!

-Abi, Alexa, and Maddy


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