Hay que festejar

In celebration of us surviving our hardest finals from last week, we had to let loose a little bit yesterday. Conveniently enough, there was a birthday party for two of the girls on Alexa’s volleyball team at another teammate’s apartment, so Abi crashed it, & we had a good old time!

Actually preparing our own food!

The view from the top of Héctor's apartment building

Volleyball kids (& Abi)

All of the taco fixings!

Paula, one of the birthday girls!

Everyone digging in

Getting some dance lessons, maybe?

It was a great evening of sharing food, drinks, & dance moves – definitely a good remedy for all of that studying we had been doing. We’re so close to being done with classes! One week to go!

– Alexa & Abi

4 thoughts on “Hay que festejar

  1. I guess the beer just made a nice side dish. We were on the rooftop balcony of the building, so everyone was pretty chilly during dinner!

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