Graduation Day

Last Friday we had a “mandatory” farewell assembly to attend at UB in the middle of the day. If you recall, as privileged study abroad students, we don’t have classes on Friday, so we decided to make our trip to Belgrano worth the time by getting lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the area: Calcio.

We went to Calcio for the first CEA farewell dinner at the beginning of May, & Alexa has since gone back to chat with a friend from Pitt who was in the city for a while. The interior makes it look really fancy, but the food is completely affordable & delicious. It lived up to all of our expectations once again!

Eating pizza the Argentine way

Yummy mozzarella pizza

Malfatti: like meatballs, but made of spinach, cheese, & pasta dough

After our fabulous lunch, we headed over to UB for the farewell presentation. It was surprisingly informal besides the speech given by the president of the university at the beginning. He talked about how our experience in Buenos Aires has changed us & made sure we knew that we’d always have a place here. After that, we saw a quick video of some of the highlights of the semester & then got to have our own mini-graduation ceremony! Everyone walked across the stage to get their medals with the UB logo on blue-and-white-striped lanyards.


It was a cute idea, & everyone had a good time. It’s amazing to see how quickly this semester came & went now that we’re almost done!

– Alexa, Abi, & Maddy

P.S. – Calcio is at the corner of Federico Lacroze & 11 de Septiembre in Belgrano.


3 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Parabens!
    A felicidade é feita por essas etapas vencidas.
    Espero vencer as minhas, e agradeço a voces e aos outros amigos de outros blogs que tanto me mostraram.

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